Some of the Malvern Spas

During the four days from May 1st to May 4th 2010, some of the spas in Malvern were “dressed”. The following are photographs of some of these spas.

Railway Trough at Great Malvern Station received a Silver Award and was decorated by Malvern Parish Church of England Primary School
Railway Trough at Great Malvern Station

Lyttleton Well was decorated by the Brighter Futures Before and After School Club and won a Silver Award.
Lyttleton Well

Enigma with statue of Edward Elgar


Holy Baptist Well — This one is hidden away behind the Baptist Church which was appropriately built on the site of a former bath house.
Holy Baptist Well

St. Ann’s Well
St. Ann's Well

Lower Wyche Spout
Lower Wyche Spout

Lower Wyche Trough won a Bronze Award decorated by The Carillon Team.
Lower Wyche Trough

The beautifully decorated tap room at the Holy Well won a Gold Award.
Holy Well

The water flowing behind the Holy Well
Holy Well

The Eye Well which would be easy to miss when not decorated
Eye Well

Wyche Spring won a Bronze Award decorated by Sheila Maund
Wyche Spring

Willow Spring
Willow Spring

Royal Well
Royal Well

Hay Slad. This was dressed by the Malvern Division of the Girl Guides and won a Gold Award.
Hay Slad

Dingle Spring — this is another spring that would be easily overlooked when not decorated. This was decorated by Phil Ironside and won a Silver Award.
Hay Slad

Westminster Bank Spring which was decorated by Malvern St James School and won a Silver Award.
Westminster Bank Spring

Clock Tower which was decorated by the Grove Primary School and won a Silver Award.
Clock Tower

Stocks Fountain

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