Bought an iPad

I succumbed to buying an iPad on the second day that they were available in the UK. We visited the Apple store in Cardiff on Saturday morning expecting at best to be able to handle one, but assuming that they might well be sold out. Internet orders in the UK for opening day were sold out within the first couple of days of the pre-ordering opening. The Apple store had plenty to handle and try and had four of the six models still in stock when we were there. I had decided to go for a 3G model on the grounds that it keeps ones options open for the future given that one doesn’t have to activate it immediately and with O2 in the UK one can buy just a day’s access which could be handy when staying overnight at a hotel with outrageous wifi charges. In fact I’m using the 3G right now at an airport where the wifi is much more expensive.

So what’s not to like? Like others have found, it is difficult to keep the screen looking clean although it’s not noticeable except when the screen is off, or rather dark. Fingerprints are all over it.

I’ve downloaded the Pages application which itself is gorgeous and fun to use but getting stuff in and out of pages is nontrivial and I’m sure this is an area of improvement that Apple will address.

I was a little surprised by how few of my iPod touch apps have an iPad version and I really don’t want to use those apps in the 2x mode or have them sitting in the middle of the screen looking like they are lost. However, apps that really only duplicate a web site are less necessary on the iPad because there is more screen space to display a website properly.

Safari feels really good on the iPad and frankly the lack of flash doesn’t bother me. I have it blocked on my laptop so I have to explicitly allow flash and I’ve noticed no problems on my iPad with the sites that I use.

Will update this post later ….

Later …

Few spelling errors slipped through on the above. This post has been written and edited on the iPad using the Wordpress application that I have also used on the iPod Touch. The extra room and bigger keyboard on the iPad makes it much easier though. I wouldn’t want to write a long piece on the iPad without a Bluetooth keyboard or the Apple keyboard dock but it is perfectly possible to type on the onscreen keyboard (particularly in landscape mode) after a bit of practice.

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