iPhoto problem

My daughter had a problem with iPhoto on her MacBook.  It wouldn’t create any slideshows.  We checked for software updates and her machine was up to date except for the latest Safari update which we installed and which had the possible benefit of causing a reboot.   I did all the other things that I usually do to solve problems: used DiskUtility to verify the disc and also to repair permissions (there were a lot of permissions problems — although none of them appeared to relate to iPhoto — mostly they seemed to relate to Airport).  Fortunately, she hasn’t got a lot of stuff on her MacBook — only about 40GB so these scans were a lot faster than on my MacBook.  This didn’t solve the problem.

We next tried iPhoto in another user, and that worked perfectly so it appeared definitely to be a problem associated with her user account.   At this point we looked in to the ~/Library/Preferences directory to find anything for iPhoto and dragged the com.apple.iPhoto.plist preference file out to the desktop.  I’ve often read about preference files causing problems but up until now this has never solved a problem for me.  However, this time we restarted iPhoto and of course it went through all of the “first time” messages but everything then worked perfectly.  So for the first time for me, trashing a preference file solved a problem.   I assured her that it was probably not anything she had done — more likely iPhoto had terminated unexpectedly and left the preference file in some incorrect state.  Anyway, she can now build slideshows again.


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