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OS X and Printers ….

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Mac OS X has really become very smooth in managing printers, particularly since Snow Leopard.   I have had a Canon Pixma iP4300 printer for over three years but only used in the Netherlands plugged in via USB to my MacBook.  Having returned home to the UK I wanted to replace my elderly Brother laser printer (which had been very good when new, but now rarely prints a clean page despite the current drum not being very old).  I plugged in the USB cable from the Canon printer in to the Airport Express that I use to provide networked printing at home.  My iMac which had not seen the Canon before, found it with no problem and configured itself to use it within a minute or so.  I was very impressed that it also allowed me to see the state of the ink cartridge and print a test page even through the airport express access point. Very smooth indeed.  I am pretty certain that I would have been fiddling with drivers and downloading software on a WIndows machine.

Belated Greetings for the Holiday Season and best wishes for the New Year

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

It has been a while since writing a post on this blog.  My excuse is that I’ve been very busy having finished my current assignment and so changing from a life of living in two countries to just being in one, at home.

When I’d moved to my apartment in The Netherlands, I had simply carried a suitcase with clothes and things on the first few journeys from the UK.  It was a furnished apartment and I only really needed my clothes.  Having lived this itinerant existence for four years I’d accumulated quite a bit of stuff so that the movers returned 6 boxes plus a bicycle back to the UK.  I’d acquired quite a bit of computer stuff — a MacMini, printer, scanner, and no less than 9 hard drives, which just shows my obsession with back ups.

I was really surprised how long it took me to sort through everything, packing away electronics and cables and the like.   Tasks that I thought would take a couple of hours seemed to take a weekend.  I found myself with many late nights sorting through stuff.  I really admire people who move regularly — although I suppose it acts as an incentive not to accumulate so much stuff.

Of course I’m now doing the reverse at this end.  Unpacking boxes and trying to find space for everything.  Some things are easy — I’ve just replaced one old printer with my newer printer that I bought back with me.  However, I need to make space for the flat bed scanner which means there is no space for all of the audio CDs, and so it goes on.

However, this might provide some good source of topics for future blog posts. Amongst the things that have to be done are: rationalising iTunes libraries, combining iPhoto libraries, ripping most of my audio CDs so they can be stored away and make space for other things that need to be on the desk, not to mention sorting out all of these hard drive backups!

I wish a happy New Year to anyone reading this.