More on UK / European law on website cookies and tracking

As a follow up to an item I posted about two weeks ago, the UK has deferred the requirement for websites to comply with new European inspired rules on internet tracking for a year.  Apparently only two countries (as of yesterday) have implemented the rules: Estonia and Denmark.  (Denmark is currently getting a rough press in the UK for its disapproval of Marmite.)

The UK view seems to be that it would like to put the onus more on to the browser makers and using “do-not-track” type capabilities rather than enforcing websites to jump through all sorts of hoops.   I am of two minds on this.  As someone who maintains websites I am glad that I haven’t got to make significant changes in a hurry.  On the other hand, having recently installed Ghostery, I’ve become very aware of how much tracking is actually going on.

Interestingly the UK Information Commissioner’s Office website now has a rather ugly banner drawing attention to its use of cookies and requesting approval.  Not a particularly pleasant solution.  Two more interesting pieces on this are here and here.


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