Returning to Blogging

It is over two years since I have posted to this blog, and even things that I’ve done on a number of years — like post pictures of the Malern Well Dressing have not been done.   There is no particular excuse for this other than not finding the time, although poor health — and particular poor eyesight has been a contributory factor.  To be honest, my purpose when creating this blog was more to explore WordPress and the general idea of writing rather than to create a site that would necessarily be of interest to others.

I do intend to get back to posting somewhat regularly, and certainly have a number of items that I want to write about.  I have to say that it is mostly for selfish reasons:  I find writing about a topic has two consequences: if it is technical, I tend to have a better understanding; and if it is something less technical it becomes a way of giving some personal therapy to myself.

Anyway, my copy of MarsEdit still seems to work, so hopefully if I press the button this will appear on the blog.

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