Malvern Well Dressing 2019

Some photographs of the Springs, Spouts and Wells dressed in Malvern, Worcestershire for the 2019 Water Festival with the theme of Flight. I’ve only selected one photograph of each — in some cases there is a lot more to see than can be seen in one photograph.

Wyche Spring was decorated by children from Grove Primary School and you were supposed to try to find where the witch had dropped her potion. They won a Bronze Award.

Wyche Spring

Willow Spring was magnificently decorated with birds and driftwood sculpture and deservedly won a Gold Award in the Adult Class for Little Berry.

Willow Spring

Gardiners Common Spring was newly decorated this year with many examples of flying objects above the earth and in space, several of which don’t appear in this photograph. It won a Silver Award in the Adult Class for Thomas Gardiner’s descendants.

Gardiners Common Spring

The Eye Well had a truly amazing bird hanging from a substantial tree trunk and a dragon lying in wait.

Eye Well

Pixie’s Well (also known as the Devil’s Well) was interactive allowing folks to become bats and be photographed or videos while flapping their bat wings. The Ramsay Family and Harris Clan won a Gold Award in the Adult Class for this decoration.

Pixie s Well  was Devil s Well

Holy Well had been decorated by the Wool Shack with a mass of wollen constructions. They won a Silver Medal in the Adult Class.

Holy Well

The Cottage in the Wood Well was another new decoration this year and was beautifully constructed and executed in the grounds of the Hotel.

Cottage in the Wood Well

The Lower Wyche Trough had been decorated with wonderful kites and steps to form a flight of fancy.

Lower Wyche Trough

The Lower Wyche Spout was magnificently decorated by off road runners (the Malvern Buzzards who won a Gold Award in the Adult Class for their effort).

Lower Wyche Spout

Weaver’s Trough is always well decorated and this year was no exception linking Elgar his mysterious early love affair and kites. Susie & Ian Woodcock won a Gold Award in the Adult Class for their decoration.

Weaver s Trough

Rose Gully is always dramatically decorated and this year was no exception with kites and balloons (more than can be seen in this photograph). It won a Gold Award in the Adult Class for Holly Mount Church.

Rose Gully

The Coach House Theatre Pump was decorated by Malvern Girlguiding as has been the case for several years and won them a Silver Award in the Children’s Class.

Coach House Theatre Pump

Priory Park Spring was decorated winning a Bronze Award in the Adult Class for Branches Day Opportunities.

Priory Park Spring

Rosebank Garden Well was quite dramatically decorated this year.

Rosebank Garden Well

The Mount Pleasant Basin, which has not often been decorated, was prettily decorated this year.

Mount Pleasant Basin

Malvhina in the centre of Great Malvern was decorated to record the first manned balloon flight and won a Silver Award in the Adult Class for Dan and Karen Smith.


Elgar’s Enigma fountain cannot be directly decorated but the surrounding area was covered with butterflies, winning a Bronze Award in the Adult Class for Malvern School of Art.

Elgar s Enigma

The Old Bottling Works Spring continued the theme of butterflies.

Old Bottling Works Spring

Hayslad has often had a dramatic display and this year was no exception winning a Gold Award in the Adult Class for Mother Gaia.


Dingle Spring had a very artistic decoration winning a Silver Award in the Adult Class for Phil Ironside Artist.

Dingle Spring

The Dripping Well is one of the highest and one of the most tricky wells to reach on the hills. Carrying materials for decoration up here is no trivial matter.

Dripping Well

St. Anns’s Well was decorated with gorgeous large butterflies and insects and won a Gold Award in the Adult Class for Creative Cluster.

St Ann s Well

The Happy Valley Donkey Spout was decorated with apparent simplicity but effectiveness.

Happy Valley Donkey Spout

Lodge Fountain was very beautifully and effectively decorated winning a Bronze Award in the Adult Class for Out2gether.

Lodge Fountain

The little Trinity Trough (which is one of the awkward places to plant or photograph without being in danger of being run over by traffic) was simply decorated.

Trinity Trough

Stocks Drinking Fountain included a open birdcage — the bird had flown. It won a Bronze Award in the Adult Class for Petals Flower Shop.

Stocks Drinking Fountain

The Clock Tower was decorated inside and out (there were too many people around to photograph outside). It won a Gold Prize in the Children’s Awards for Malvern Vale Primary School.

Clock Tower

The North Malvern Tap was colourfully decorated and won a Silver Award in the Children’s Class for 1st Malvern Link Brownies and Rainbows.

North Malvern Tap

The Danzell Spring had a beautiful butterfly decoration.

Danzell Spring

The Westminster Bank Spring was full of many details.

Westminster Bank Spring

St. James’s Churchyard Spout was decorated to record Roget’s burial in the churchyard and his thesaurus enabling us to use a variety of words in our flights of fancy. It won a Bronze Award in the Adult Class for Gwyn Klee.

St James s Churchyard Spout

The West Malvern Tap was decorated with many examples of flight — several not shown in this photograph — there were plenty of bees and other insects dotted around. It won a Gold Award in the Children’s Class for St James’ Primary School.

West Malvern Tap

The Park Road Spout which I think was decorated for the first time this year included many models of bees and butterflies, and won a Gold in the Children’s Award for the 2nd Malvern Scout Group — Beaver Scouts.

Park Road Spout